Purpose: Pollinator Tree, Oil & Table Olives
Pollination: Requires pollinator for lg fruit crop
Bears Fruit: 1-2 years
Fruit: Small to Medium
Oil Production: 20-23%
Height: 20-25′ at maturity

Origin: Italy

This weeping olive tree is slow growing but well worth the wait.  This beautiful tree with its elegant limbs and silver leaves is truly stunning.

The Pendolino is considered the universal pollinator because of its long bloom period. Pendolino olive trees are used extensively as pollenizers in large olive tree groves. Early bearing and fruit is used primarily for oil production.

Pendolino olive trees are partially self-fertile, but you need a pollinizer if you want a large fruit crop. Compatible olive tree pollenizers include Leccino and Maurino.  The fruit makes small but delicious green and black table olives as well.